A day in my life

Today is a beautiful day in Stockton, CA. Actually there are few days here that are not almost perfect. Not to cold, not to hot. After living in South America for so many years I dread the heat but here the heat is so dry I do not mind the hot weather. So, today is perfect.

I am doing my PT and hopefully soon I will be able to STOP going and get down to some real living and doing my normal things again. Seems I have been on this routine for so long it will be a welcomed change when my leg is acting normal again.

Perhaps after a surgery it is just part of what I am feeling. The wearyness is the worst part. Just no energy to do much of what I must do. But, at least I get around well and am able to drive, shop and do my house work.

One great thing I have learned is my husband is a great cook. He took over the kitchen while I was recuperating and he did fantastic. Now, I have told him he is in charge of all salads. He makes a great salad. I have taken back my kitchen but he is still doing the salads.

All is good and I thank God for every mercy HE has shown to me and to my family.

Nov 14, 2007


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