When I saw the picture I wanted to share it with you.

A friend sent me this picture of the Eye of God. I am not sure it is the eye of God but it just might be. We all know He does watch over us at all times.
As a young girl I sang a song that said ” Becareful what you do because the Lord is watching you”. I never feared that God would see something wrong that I was doing. Yet, I did not want to do anything that the Lord would see me doing that would be considered wrong by HIS standards.
I guess that song could scare little children. They might think that God is some enormous creature who just watches to see what they do wrong. Then he stands ready to punish them.
That is not the God I serve. Not at all.
He sees what I do; good or bad; yet he still loves me and offers me forgiveness when I “mess up” in some way. He is there all the time. I like the feeling, just knowing He is always there; with me. He lets me know when I need to change things in my life. He speakes, I want to listen.

Have a great day and remember that the Lord is with you.


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