Can’t sleep tonight

It is 1:17 Am and there is no sleep tonight. What does a person do when sleep just does not come? It seems a waste of time to just lie there and try to sleep. I might as well get up and be busy with something. There are a lot of choices; I could eat something, read a book, watch a DVD, write a letter, read the Bible, worry about tomorrow or I could get on blogspot.

I chose to do just that. Not to much going on but maybe someone else has problems sleeping and you can read my blog!

My new knee and I went out for a shopping trip today. I guess it was about four hours and almost all walking around. So, that is an improvment for me. Usually I want to sit down, go home or at least get off my leg after a couple hours. It is getting better but of course not as quickly as I would like.

I will be baby sitting my grandbaby this next week. She is my helper in that she makes me do a lot of moving around! She is instant motion and she does not miss anything in the room. She is a moving machine for a one year old. I will post her picture. Her name is Savannah Love Walmer. She is a sweet heart and loves to be loved on.

God bless you for reading my blog today. Maybe now I will be able to go to sleep. Sleep will come eventually. Tomorrow is Sunday and that will be a good day. My son has reminded me that anyone who can walk around the stores for four hours can certainly go to church on Sunday. So, I guess I know where I will be in a few hours. 🙂

Have a good night! I am going to bed.



One thought on “Can’t sleep tonight

  1. Mas como sua Neta está grande!!! Fiquei impressionada com ela. E lindona. Gostei de a senhora dizer que ficou bastante tempo caminhando no Shopping, isto é bom. Sabe hoje foi algo estarnho eu sabia que aconteceria algo na empresa e aconteceu. Era estranho mais lá estava a mão de Deus!!!! Deus é maravilhoso irmã Linda, nunca esqueça distoSua amiga Vera Dahmer

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