Thankfullness is a gift

Being thankful is an art that some folks seem to never have aquired. In my old fashioned way of thinking I do beleive that being thankful is a blessing in ones life that many just do not have.

How much does it cost to say “thank you”? Not much. Just alittle effort on the part of the one who has recieved something.

It could be a gift, a kindness, a rememberance or just somehting that was done to another in the way of a kindness. A thank you is not required but it is always appreciated.

I am not sure what to do with people who never say “thanks”. I am tempted to never send another gift, never remember that birthday or give anything to anyone who shows no kind of thankfullness.

I am wondering if the Lord feels that way about me? Hum….? Could be I have not been grateful enough in my life to HIM who has given me so much.

Each morning when I greet the Lord I am careful to ask for nothign but to priase him for the good nights rest, a roof over my head and food on the table and all the generous blessings HE gives me each and evey day.

It is important to never forget to say “thank you Lord” as He has done so much for us; we just take it for granted, I am afraid.

While I registered my complaint of my fellow man, the Lord has shown me I also must be quick to say thank you to HIM.

God is good to remind me of this.

To all of you who may read this little post today ………….remember, I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. God bless.


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