Some folks have very shiny shoes and they keep them that way. Some folks have shoes that are well used and are not so shiny. All in all everyone uses shoes in one way or another.

Some people are lazy and their shoes never get much use. they use slippers as they don’t go out much. Others need many pair of shoes as they do lots of work, go lots of places and use each pair till is nothing left to be used.

My husband is a man who has many jobs each day. He is always busy and never quits. He enjoys work and can lay down at night feeling that he gave the day his very best.

The shoes in the picture were throw away before we left for Brazil. Our wonderful son took them out of the trash and took a picture of them for us. He wanted his dad to never forget these shoes. They were well worn,dirty and smelly as they had been used for months doing a lot of jobs getting ready to pack up and leave for Brazil.

Let these shoes be a symbol of those who work hard and leave a lot for others to do the same. Hard honest work never hurt anyone and perhaps these worn out shoes will spur someone on to do a better job than usual.

I will save this picture. They show me a man who gives his all to whatever he has to do.

He will go from handy man to minister again in Brazil. May God always have someone near by to fill these shoes when he can no longer walk the journey.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.




  1. What an absolutely great shot Mom! When I first opened your blog this evening I smiled at the sight of that picture. I agree with what you said. Only we know what Dad has gone through. Only we know where those shoes have been. Keep it forever ……Rachel

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