A cold day……….

Today is Monday and to be honest; it is my favorite day of the week. Maybe I have the feel that it is a new beginning for me. All clean slate before me and I have seven days before me to do a lot of right things and do them well.

Brazil is home for me again.We have been here since the middle of April and we are glad to be home. I say “we” because that includes my husband, Philip. We are happy to be here. while a lot of Brasilians are planning their “get away” to the land of the rich and free…….we are glad to be here by CHOICE.

It is cold now and the house has not central heat but we have small electric heaters that keep us warm and cozy at least most of the time. We suffer for nothing and for that I am thankful. So many people find it easy to just complain about the life they have. So, it is cold? Well, tomorrow or next month it will be hot and then others will be complaining. So, no one is ever totatly pleased about the weather.

If I am cold, i will put on some more clothes, a scarf or another sweater. At least this way there is no heat bill to worry about, as there is no heat.

Finding peace in a storm is sometims a hard thing to do. However, there is peace that comes to a person who knows the future is secure because God is showing you the way to walk, and everything is going to turn out alright no matter what comes down the road. If worring would help, then I would be a much bigger worrier than I am. But, it doesn’t help a person, so I try not to indulge myself in a worry party. It is a waste of time.

I will share with you a picture of Philip and myself on the coast of Brazil in the Northeast of this great country. We were resting for amoment and took these pictures. Enjoy.


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