My Thoughts for Today…………..

Thoughts are like a breath of air; some are fresh and some are quite stale. As I get older and sometimes wiser, I think that some of my thoughts need improvement. My hind sights are better than my foresites. I do not like that but it is a true fact of my life.

Will there be regrets later on? I suppose. At the moment I will try do what I believe is the right thing to do; I will pray I get it right the first time around.

A man who I greatly admired once told me as he lay on his bed of pain and suffering; “Linda, we are all on stage only once and we must make the very best of the time we have on that stage”.He passed away a few months later. His words linger on in my memory and I want to do my very best to be the best I can while I can. In this life………….there will be no second chance.

My thoughts are with you tonight. Always wondering what each of you are doing.

God bless you,

Mom/ Linda

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