A Day to Remember

Today is Easter. I hope it means more to you than just new clothes and eating ham and lots of chocolate bunnies.
Easter is a day the Lord told us to remember. We are to remember his Death, Burial and His Ressurection.
As I look around, hear the news, see the pictures and hear the talk I think most people have no clue what today represents to them as an individual or to their family or to the human race.
Jesus purchased our salvation on the cross. He willing died for all of us. No one was left out; even those who had crucified Him that terrible day.

If I do anything today, I would want it to be my remembering his sacrifice by telling him Thank you many times. Thanking him for my salvation and all he gave me that day long before I was born.
Thank Him for the fact he did rise again and lives for evermore. Our whole gospel is wrapped up in that fact. He is not dead. He is alive. What a wonderful message. Let us never forget that message.
I would love to see you today and give you a hug and tell you that Jesus lives for evermore.


One thought on “A Day to Remember

  1. I love to set aside time to remember. I often think of the Feast Days established in the Old Testament, and it makes me think of how great God’s love is for us. I find comfort in the understanding that He knows how weak we are – and He established times for His people to remember what He had done for them. He knows how quickly we forget. Of course, ideally we would always be mindful of the abundance of His blessings. But we allow our problems, troubles, trials and challenges to get in the way of His solutions. . . so, He establishes times for us to remember –to come back to the place that He would like us to live all the time. . . .You are so right- we need to thank Him, frequently and abundantly. Thanks for sharing. I love you my friend!!

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