Pillars. Just what are they anyway? They speak of strength. They speak of foundational strength. To some they are landmarks in a persons life that give you strength.

Landmarks. Something that happens in a persons life that marks that period of their life that could never be forgotten.

Long ago I experienced somehting in my life that has been a “pillar” of strengh to me.
We were planning to go to Brazil as missionaries and it seemed at the time there were many obstacles in our path of ever seeing the land that we knew God had called us to.

I remember standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes and I was praying and asking God to help us in our situation and provide the way for us to get to Brazil. I was very depressed and praying as I washed my dishes. God understands no matter what some might say or think. He does care and he does understand our difficulties of this life.
I remember how I was praying and wanting to belive in a miracle for our family, when I truely felt God´s love and his arms around me. I felt so much comfort that day; it was so real to me.
I was not discouraged any longer. I had felt God´s presence. I knew HE was with me and HE would see to it our needs were met.

That has been over 35 years ago. We have been in Brazil all these years and that experience has been a “pillar” in my life. I look back and remember what God did then and I can look ahead because of that day and KNOW that what God did for me then, HE will do again for me. I will always look back to see the many pillars God has set in my path.

I can not see the future nor do I want to see the hard times ahead of me, but one thing I know when life throws me a curve and I think surely I will not make it past this trial, I will remember, what God has done, He will do again. I do not know how, or when or anything about it but I know God is real and He delights in helping HIS own.

Thank God for the gift of remembering.

Love to you all who joined me today in reading my thoughts.


One thought on “Pillars

  1. Thank you Mom for this blog today. You know how much your words mean to me especially during these difficult times I have been going through. Thank you for your strength. I pray that someday I can praise Him from the valley as much as I praise Him from the mountaintop… – Rachel

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