Just wanted everyone who reads this today that I have written my letter to Mr. Obama and I hope he will get to read it.
I was polite. I can say that for myself. However, I did tell him I was not a terrorist because I live by the USA constitution and that I believe it is OK to have a gun. I am OK because I do not believe in Abortion, nor same sex marriages, nor letting people who don´t work get paid by the governemtn by the people who do work. You and Me!
I told him all that a lot more. I hope he reads it.
But, if you hear I have gone to jail for telling him how I feel, at least you know what I told him.
Have you written a letter to him yet? It is your oportunity to tell him just how you feel about how he is running (ruining) the country.
For now, that is our priviledge.

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  1. Go girl! I love to see what you post. I am glad you are an American who gets involved – write letters, express your opinion. More people need to do it. I also love the pictures you post of you and your hubby's smiling faces. Keep them coming! ❤

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