As you know my political thoughts may not be exactly yours, but we can still be friends. It seems to me that the world is turned upside down right now and our politicians have lost their way in life. When I hear things like this: Our president will now make it mandatory that all youth serve in a special Help core where they will be taught the current administrations views on all matters. That this was passed in the Senate and the House is beyond my worst fears for America. It would seem I am watching as the spirit of the AntiChrist takes over the minds of the people who were once free to think as they wished. Now, it is different; we must think as we are told to think. This is wrong and it has always been wrong.
So, what can we do about it? Write to your President and tell him what you think. Remember, if enough of us write him, he will know he has to please the people at some point in his time in office. This is only one example.
Mr. Ted Kennedy has sponsored the bill and it has passed. Read about it by going on the internet and make up your own mind. HR1388. Could it be history is repeating what they did in Germany so long ago?
I write the President about all the things I can do nothing about because I am not elected to “represent” the people. Now, we have been told that anyone who does not accept Abortion on demand, has a gun in thier home, belives in a man marrying a women instead of another man, or believes people should have permission to live in this country if they are from another country. All those kind of people are now considered “threats” to our country as they are the right wing conservatives.
Our government gave billions to Hamas in Palestine so they could end up shooting more Israeles and yet we at home are now considered dangerous because we belive in conservative values.
Well, if you have a complaint, you had better get out your pen and paper and send a letter to the Senator or your state or the President of the USA. Remember, He is the top man; the angry people will be heard sooner or later. It seems more folks getter madder by the minute. It does not matter what the news casters tell you; the folks are home are not happy.


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