What is HE to you?

I have been thinking and reading on a certain subject that may seem ” over the top” to some of you who frequent my blog. However, in light of current tendancies in the church world today, I know that my feelings on the matter are valid.

There was a time when I thought it was indeed wrong to express my thoughts of others in the crowd would not be in agreement. This way of thinking has changed within me and I think it is morally wrong to not be true to ones self. There are ways to do that without being an offence.

In todays church world we hear so many ministers telling the people that “God will supply every need you have; just come join my church, be faithful to this church and you will get everything you need from God” Never think for one minute that I do not belive the God will not supply our needs; as I know HE will do that. However, they may be a bit different than what we think is our needs.

To many people today, this trend in evangelist circles has made people to treat God as though he is a Bellhop or an office boy that is forever at our beckon call and comes running to fulfill all the requests of the day.

Is God at your beacon call? Is He a present help in time of trouble? Yes, He is that and much more. However, what you ask HIM to do for you needs to be in accordance with what HE knows is best for you. As you do not have a crystal ball, He is the only one who knows what is best.

Our every wish is not always granted. Shame! But, I need that! Why, of why does not God give me that job, house, girl or whatever we demand from HIM.

Is God only good when he gives us things? Is he bad when we don`t get what we ask for?

When I was operated on for cancer seven years ago, and I was given the results of the operation that it was a good report and the doctor felt I was free of any further problems, I was thankful. I praised God for his mercy in my life.

A friend called me and said to me ” God is good as you are ok and do not have to go through any treatments”. I told her then, “if the results are bad or good…..God is still good to me.”. I feel that God is always good to us all. Some have a harder time in life than others. Just look around and you will see I am right in this. Not everyone has a rosy life style. Some have a very hard time just living. But, God is always good to us.
The only way to live is to believe correctly as to the position of God in our lives is to belive that if something is Gods will, then that is the way it will be. That will be the best way for us in the long run.
God is not my office boy. He does not have to run and do what I demand of HIM. What kind of parent would do that? One who does not really love their child. Many things are witheld from us because He loves us.
Think about it. Consider it and never waste your time resenting God because you don1t get what you want just when you want it.

One thought on “What is HE to you?

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I heard a sermon years ago by a visiting evangelist –God is not your Chore Boy. Same thought that you shared here. . . We should be more ready to know what His desire is for us and to do it, than we are to have Him do what we want. Good thought. I love you! I will write you a letter soon – a busy week for me here.

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