Daughter Rachel Mardell and Stephanie and Vanessa

Being in Brazil, South America it is not possible for me to be able to enjoy my
children, nor my grandchildren. So, there is one way I can do that and that is through
pictures. I have a lot of them. Pictures that some would say, ” you have too many”.

That is a matter of opinion of course, and I shall be entittled to mine. Having the
Pictures is the way I deal with the feelings of loneliness that comes to me ever
so often. So, if I post a few pictures it is because I enjoy looking at them. Humor me.

Rachel and her girls are very precious to me and to my husband. She is so much like her father in so many ways. She works hard at what she does and never stops until she has finished her project. She has unending enery.
She teaches high school students who do not speak English. She can teach anyone anything. It is a true gift from God. One day, I hope to see her using her talents in the ministry. She will be a blessing to many when that day comes.
Stephanie and Vanessa are two girls who won our hearts the day we saw them. Each one is special and so precious to us. They are great students and are excelling in all their subjects. May God use each of them for His glory.

God has blessed me in so many ways. I have no treasures in my purse, only the children God allowed me to have. Michael Duane, Nathan Wayne, Rachel Mardell and Stephen Andrew. They are my treasures and I think and pray for them every day.

I have seen them at their very best and at their very worst. I have seen them through sickness, pain, joy and seeing them recieve the Holy Spirit into their lives.

I have seen them marry and knew they were struggling to make ends meet. I have seen them worship God when I knew it was very hard to do so. I have seen them discouraged to the point, I was not sure they would continue to love and serve God; but they did. Each time they have proved to me that God is with them also and that life to them is precious as they serve the Lord.

Each one has given me immense joy.

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One thought on “Daughter Rachel Mardell and Stephanie and Vanessa

  1. Thank you for writing such nice words about me mom. You and Dad take the credit of course on what a great job you did with all us kids…you and Dad are great parents….and I love you…Rachel

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