Our son Michael Duane and his lovely wife Ivonne are our joy in life. They are hard working missionaries in South America. Over 15 years  in Brazil and now going to Uruguay. They have brought us much joy and happiness and we are glad they serve the Lord and want to do His will in this life.
Being in Brazil makes it hard to get together very often. I suppose that is the worst part of living on the mission field. Yet, there are many rewards to enjoy here on this earth. We are greatly blessed in knowing they and the other children have made their commentment to the Lord. What could be more important than that?

Christian Lucas and Jonathan Michael are their sons. Christian is an A student and travels with his parents in the states raising the funds to go to Uruguay. He has felt the presence of the Lord many times and I belive someday he will be called to work for the Lord also. He is very tender towards the things of God.
Jonathan is in Florida and is working in the computer area. He studied computers in Brazil and was able to get a very good job in the first few weeks of coming to the states. God was good to him in that regard.
Seeing them grow up and not be with them is difficult but we pray for them and love them dearly.



  1. Mom,this was very thoughtful of you to post these thoughts about your children. I feel so privileged to be your son and grateful for all you have taught me, especially how to love the Lord. I am eternally grateful! I love you!

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