When we found out we would have a baby when we comtemplated going to Brazil as missionaires, it was a shock. Not one that I did not want, but a shock anyway. My reaction was “now, Lord”? The timing did not seem so great, at least to me.
After all the years have gone by and here he is with his own family and he has brought us much joy and pleasure through the years. The children are precious; Savannah Love and Laci Joy. Each one is more precious than the other. Soon we will have another little girl to add to this picture; anytime now in August 09. Maybe today?
Stephen is  pastor on staff in Stockton, CA.  We are grateful for this miracle in our life and in our sons life. He always said he would NEVER  be a preacher like his dad or his older brother.  But, alas, God had other plans.
A gift from God, he came to us on Dec 28.  He is our special gift that keeps on blessing and blessing.


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