When Laci was four years old, she loved to tell stories and read lots of books. We would play “school” when she would come to visit me or I would babysit for the day. 

I told her the story of the Three Bears and she wanted to tell me the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She knew all the details and she was very animated in telling me how little red riding hood went through the woods with her basket.
As she told me the story, she came to the part where the man (wolf) was asking her what she had in the basket. She explained to the man, (wolf).  The wolf left her and was going to the grand mothers house to hurt her, or worse.

Laci told me, ” Little red riding hood reached into her pocket and got her cell phone and called her Grandmother and told her the wolf was going to get her so get in the closet quick”.
I tried hard to not laugh but knew she was a modern little girl, who is used to the cell phone and just figurerd that Little Red Riding Hood had one also.
What a modern age we live in and what smart grand children we have today!



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