Independance Day 2010

In the picture I have included are some of the signers of our Declaration of Independance. We celebrate that signing today July 4, every year in America. We must never forget what these men did for us in putting forth our reasons for wanting to be free to do and go and think as we would desire.
We call these men and the others, the founding fathers of our nation. Today I want to honor those who gave their very lives for our country.
As they signed the document they all pledged thier lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the document. I hope we will always honor what they gave to us. God is for us in that we are free to worship and tell others of God´s mercy and grace.
I pray today that evil men who seem to rule our land will be made to see the danger they are placing our country in as they proceed with evil deeds. May God help us.


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