Reading is a good way to spend time. Each of us have favorite books and authors that we enjoy spending time with.
My list grows daily as I find new authors and books that appeal to me and my way of thinking.
I envy those who can write and put onto paper what others would want to read. Expression is the key to communication.
There are those who write books, but they do not appeal to me at all, I have to be “hooked” after the first page, or I put the book down.

Some of my favorite books are:
Sanders:  Spiritual Leadership.  A great book for those who desire to be more spiritual in their leadership positions.
Carnegie: How to Win  Friends and influence People  Great book that teaches people how to actually win friends and be an influence in thier lives.
Johnson: Who Moved my Cheese?  When life throws a curve at you this little book helps a person to understand that moving to another “challenge” is not so bad after all.
Dobson:  Where is God when it Hurts?  Great book to help put hurting in the right prospective.
Edersheim:  The life and Times of Jesus the Messiah   No book written by anyone I know of can beat this one. I loved that book.
Shepherd: The Christ of our Salvation.  Great book that tells about Jesus as he lived and taught
Max Lucado:  All his books I recomend. He has never written a bad one.
Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner  Wonderful story that helps a person to understand another culture and true cowardness and true bravery.
James Michener:The Source:  The beginning of man in a fictious novel. Great story
John Steinbeck: East of Eden:  You will not be able to put this book down until you  are finished reading it in its entirety.
Francine Rivers: The Lion series:   Wonderful books about a real christian in a real world. A great inspiration to all who read it. You will cry when there is no more story to read.
Jane Austin  Withering Heights: A classic. A very good read
David McCullough  1776:  I love politics and the true behind what goes on. David McCullough has written some fantastic books that give us a picture of the real people in our history.
John Gregory: The Seven Laws of Teaching :   The fundamentals of teaching. The best of all the books on the subject. No frills, just how to teach.
Bruce Wilkerson: The laws of  Learning:  Fantastic book and well worth the price if you are a teacher who wants the student to actually learn something in your class.

I think I need to quit with the list. It will go on forever.  I think a person can be known by the books that person reads over a time period.
Reading is enjoyable and a learning experience. 


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