The face.

A very crabby lion.

Makes me wonder what happened in his life this day, that made him so disagreeable.
Could be the “food” got away. He is hungry. His mate is off on a “walk about”. Who knows? We can see he is mad about something. Was he disturbed in his nap time? Could be. Whatever it was I would not want to meet him on this day in his native habitat. I think, it would be best just to leave him alone for awhile and he will come around to be his jolly self again.
Reminds me of some people I know when they get angry. It is called sulking. No one wants to be around someone who sulks. It shows a person is wallowing in self pity. That will get them nowhere and very quickly.
Cheer up Mr. Lion. Life will get better and some delicious plate of food will soon come walking through your jungle and you can have your dinner. That is if you stop feeling sorry for yourself and prepare for the feast that maybe coming your way.
Get off the grumpy bed you are in and do something to cheer yourself up. Roar a little. That should help.
Better days are ahead.


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