To all those who actually read my thoughts on my blog, I have had a revelation.

In listening to a Muslim man (cleric) explain how men are taught to treat their wifes,  he explained about wife beating.  He gave the instructions on “how to beat your wife”.

The rules are such that a man can beat his wife for disobeying him in any detail. He can beat her but may not  beat her in the face where it could leave marks. Muslims also do not beat animals in the face.

The body can be beat as it is covered up and no one will see the marks. A man should not leave marks but if marks are there, they will be covered up.

A man can choose how he will beat his wife.  He could beat her with a stick.  He could choose a broom his strong hand  or he could use a noddle, a handkerchief, or a toothpick. The man can choose what he beats his wife with and still he is beating his wife. She must obey her husband at all times. A wife must not displease her husband.

Now, I will tell you that I am not in agreement with that part of the Muslim faith. Being  a Christian it is important to know and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ.  He did not teach a man to beat his wife.  He actually told men to love their wifes as their own bodies. Treat them well!  I am wondering if for this liberty among men that many prisoners in American prisons are converting to the Muslim faith. Could it be this liberty gives a man a certain “power” that he does not have in the American way of life and justice? Just a thought.

A man cancorrect  his wife many ways. He could beat her and go to jail in America. It is not allowed in our society. Women are protected from being beaten.

There is a way to beat a women and no one will know unless the wife does the telling. A man can beat his wife by his silence towards her.  If a man ignores his wife for an extended period of time, she will feel unloved, fearful of his loss of affection, unworthy and perhaps shameful for what ever it was she did or said.

Silence  and ignoring someone will destroy their self-worth. If  a man does it long enough towards his wife a great divide will grow between the couple and it is can be become irreparable.  The man exalts his strength by his “beatings”, and the wife is put in her place for having disagreed or disobeyed her husband.

In my days upon this earth, I have seen many people destroyed by simply being ignored and treated like they were not in the room. Those people began to feel they had no value to anyone. Sadness is overcome by despair and despair will lead to depression and depression leads to death of self-worth and all that keeps us sane.

If you really want to hurt someone, just ignore them. Pretend they are not in the room. To husbands, sleep on the couch for nights on end. Do not eat with your wife, but just use this successful way of treating your mate. It works every time. In realtiy, you are beating her.

In the end it destroys all the love that was between you so be careful. The silence kills. The marks do not show as they do when a stick is used to beat someone, but the marks are on the heart and soul of that person.

I am thankful to be a Christian. When someone fails in some area or says somthing to hurt another, there is a way to make it right again. Asking for forgiveness and understanding is way God has chosen for us.  Praying for help in areas of ones life that needs changing is the path to find rest from the troubles. Trusting in the Lord Jesus to help in those difficult areas in life, as only HE can give understanding to both involved.

Jesus offers strength, comfort and hope to all. Let me say one more time; I am glad I am not a muslim.  Jesus offers so much more to a person who will put their trust in HIM alone.


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