I am most thankfull for….

1. The knowledge that God loves me unconditionally.

2. My mother who taught me to be honest always and forever. Lying was never honored or tolerated.

3. Philip Walmer who I have grown old by his side. He gave me direction in life and has done so for 51 years. We are married 50 years on June 17, but I know from the time we were engaged he has led the way.

4. The desire to learn more about everything. without the desire to learn there is nothing new in my horizen. There is something new everyday.

5. The Bible is my guide and I read it daily to hear a word from the Lord. It has been my map and my guide for almost 58 years. 

6. Health is so important and I thank God everyday for the health I have. Each day is a blessing.

7. Home is where the heart is and I am thankful we have a home to call our own. Things get complicated at times in our lives, but we have somewhere to live and be safe. I am thankful.

8. I have never passed a day wthout food. I have fasted but never knew what it was to be actually hungry for lack of food.  There was always something to eat in the house.

9. My family is the most precious item on my list. Each one is precious beyond words. each one is precious to me. They have all made me proud in many ways.

10. My car.  I am glad and thankful that I do not have to walk everywhere I need to go.

11. Lights and Water.  I am glad i have both these items everyday to use as I need to use them. so many do without.

12. MONEY is a gift from God and we are grateful for the amounts we use and retain. When it is gone and we have no more, I will thank God for all HE gave to us and let us use. 

13. INGDIRECT.COM  has been a blessing to me as now I have a saving for all the things I know will come due and planning for. Saving can be painless.

14. My friends. I can not count hundreds as my friends, but I am grateful for the friends I do have. Each of them has contrubiuted something to my life along the journey.

15. All the people in America and Brazil that came to the Lord through the preaching of the Gospel. God gave us grace and we are thankful for all HE did through our efforts. 

16. Gods grace in my life that compels me to do better and never give up as God never gives up on me. 

17. Freedom to worship God as I please in America and in Brazil

18. Sewing is my hobby and even though I do not sew well, it is my past time and i love to make something from a piece of cloth.

19. Rachel my daughter is a special friend and helps me see things in the proper light. She has a word for me when I am not sure just what to do. She is a blessing as a daughter and as a mother.

20. Michael is my first born son. He has made us proud to have his as our son. He was a good son all his life and contineus to be an example to all those who know him.  He is a hard worker and never shirks his duties at home or in the work of the Lord.

21. Nathan is my second child and he is a special blessing to me.  He can visit with me just for a few seconds and already has noticed if something is just not right. he is very sentitive to others feelings.  He has always been special in so many ways.

22. Stephen our fourth child is very loving and is a wonderful father. He makes everyone love him by his kind ways and gentle nature.  He loves God and knows the Bible.



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