The Deception of Our Day

Today is December 15, 2016. Over a month ago Donald Trump was elected President of our United States of America. He won over 64 millions votes of the people in America. He won 307 electoral votes. Hilary called him to congratulate him on winning the election.

That was then, and this is now.

It appears that the Democrats of the USA are not happy with the election results. Those who voted for Hilary are still crying and doing all they can to see to it that Mr. Trump is not given the keys to the White House on Jan 20, 2017.

Today, the FBI and the CIA are saying Russia hacked our system and helped Mr. Trump win the election. Many believe this and many do not.

Reading or listening to something in the news is not always what is actually happening or did happen. So, I take the news with a “grain of salt”.

Trust but verify said a very important man a long time ago.

Some are saying the state of California will succeed from the nation as they do not want a Trump administration. How foolish can they be?  They want open borders so people from South America can flow freely into the United States.

People complain the choices Mr. Trump is making for his Cabinet are going to be disastrous for America. They don’t want Generals, or people who know business well, on that cabinet. They would rather have some “jolly good ole boy” on the cabinet. Just someone to get a pay check.

In these days in which we live, the left of the center wants us to all agree with them. If we don’t we are bigots and racists. Their idea is that we all agree with their politics.

To those who want a free America, free trade, personal incentive to create new business challenges, Mr  Trump seems to be offering just that.  He offers it to ALL  who want to Make America Great again.

Let us give him a chance to do what he has promised to do for America. Pray for the man, he needs our prayers in these days ahead.

We want the best for our country.










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