Looking at the words of our LORD.

I was teaching  THE LIFE OF CHRIST in a Bible school in BRAZIL,  when I began to wonder just how many of the students could tell me of the teachings of the Lord they could  remember and write a list of these important  Teachings.  Feeling it would be a good way for me to know just how much they had paid attention and how much they could write down.  It would be a way for me to check up on my teaching ability.  There was no grade attached to this but just a list to be discussed in class

Too my sadness most of the students could write few items more than “love” and “be born again”. That was about it.

In my surprise, I realized that most of the students could not write many of the teachings of the Lord throughout the New Testament. We had spent several months studying and pointing out the teachings of the Lord, yet the results from my students were puzzling.

I have decided to post some of the instructions, teachings and orders of the Lord Jesus to his followers. Many more can be added to my list but for me these are the important ones as I read the scriptures.
I will begin by saying Jesus taught us to:

Take up our cross and follow him.
Love our neighbor as ourselves
Be Born of the Water and of the Spirit
Give to those who ask of you
Love your enemy
Pray for those who spitefully use you
Pray for peace
Jesus will always be with us
Receive the Holy Spirit
Watch for his second return
Be in one accord
Believe in His words
Whoever believes will be saved
Have Faith as a tiny seed
Help those who cannot help themselves
Build your faith on Jesus Christ
He is the Door to Salvation
He is the Way of Salvation
He is the light of the world
We must shine in the worlds darkness
Do not commit adultery
Do not commit fornication
Do not steal
Do not covet
Do not lie
Do not steal
Do not join with unbelievers to do business
Judge righteously
Be baptized as he was
Consider others before yourself
The straight path leads to life eternal, few will find it
Broad path leads to hell, many will find this path
Wait for His return
Honor your parents
Gods house shall be a house of prayer not commerce
yield not to temptation
Do unto others as we want them to do to us.
Forgive others
Love God most of all
Pray early in the day.
Give offerings to the Lords work
Help those in need
Don’t be a hypocrite
Pay your bills
Have compassion on others
Whoever believes in Me shall not perish but have everlasting life.
All who practice evil hate the light
I will give you living water and you will never thirst again.
Seek the will of God, not your own.
Lift up your eyes to the harvest of souls that needs to be won.
Sin no more
The world will hate you, as they hated me.
Be the light of the world
Abide in my word
the sheep know the voice of the Shepherd.
He who loves his life will lose it.
If you serve God, then follow Him.
Witness for the Lord
Judge with righteous judgement.

I know there are a lot more and perhaps I shall continue adding to my list. It intrigues me that so many people just have no clue as what should be added. This would mean to me they don’t know what Jesus taught. If we don’t know what he taught, then how will we know when we are following teaching that is false? We will not know. Hence, the reason we read our Bibles. Read and learn. Knowledge is power. Reading what the Lord said and did is a blessing in many forms. It protects us from falsehoods.

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this important subject.

Linda Walmer


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