The Years behind, and the Years ahead.

At the age of seventy-seven I find myself looking back more than looking ahead.  So many people talk of the “goals” of life and never to give up on your goals.

I’m remembering as a girl, I wanted to be a missionary and tell others about the Lord Jesus. I had no great talents; musical or otherwise. My heart was in love with doing something for the Lord of my life.  When God met me at the age of twelve and put into me the desire to work for HIM, it was not a hard decision to make.  That was my goal. Work for Jesus. Do what I could for HIM.

Off to Bible College I went at 18 years of age.  There I studied the Bible and all that it would envolve to “work for Jesus”.  I still did not have much talent to offer but the desire and hope was in my heart.

I liked to make friends and be active in church, and  I tried to be a helper where I could. Sunday School was a good place for me to start teaching about Jesus.  Did I have any natural talent to speak?  I am not sure about that as I did not have much opportunity to do that in Bible College.  Giving short Bible studies is not much of an introduction to being a true teacher of God’s word.

I met and married a man. He also wanted to work for Jesus, so we decided to do that together. We both felt the same about doing something for God.

He preached, started a church, with my help, and off we went to ultimately find our way to the mission field of Brazil, South America.  We built many churches, preached and taught our way through 42 years in that country.  It was not all easy and not at all a sacrifice as we loved living there and being with the people of Brazil; especially in Southern Brazil  in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Retirement came upon us rather quickly and everything fell into place and today we are retired from missions and are quite happy to be in our home in Stockton, CA. We thank God for the good times, and weep over the hard times but all in all, God was good to us in every way.  We had victories and made many mistakes and decisions that we wish we could have not made, but we lived to see another day.  I would not give anything to take away the years we spent there.

Now, I find myself wondering what I am supposed to do in what is left of my life.  I began this walk with God at 12 years of age and now I am 77 and writing this post.  Just what am I supposed to do now.  I have good eyes, ears and can walk fairly well.  I could use a new pair of legs but I know that will not happen so I find myself unable to do what I used to do with such great joy.

My life is in my home. I cook, clean, wash clothes and read books.  My Bible is on my table and I am copying each and every book in notebooks.  Why?  No doubt most would think it is a strange thing to do. It is for me a challenge. I will copy until it is done.

The reason to do this is because I want to read it, write it, see it and speak it. I will put it in my heart and in my mind. The years ahead do not offer to me a jobs to keep me busy. No, those days are over, so now, I will content myself with getting ready to go “home”.  The years have passed and now I am older. My dreams have been fulfilled in so many areas of life.  Now, I think so much about going home to be with Jesus. Who knows when that will be, but it is my plan to ready my soul to hear the Lord say to me; “well done, my good and faithful servant,enter into the joys of the Lord”.

My time has come to prepare for the next dream of spending eternity with my Lord Jesus. Getting ready on a daily basis.

Join me in my dream.





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